Blah, Blah, Blah

I’ve been up since 4:30 for no reason in particular.  i got up for my 4 am (ish) pee, and that was it.  Try as I might, I could not get back to sleep.  What sucks about this predicament is that I’m going to be totally exausted in about 45.  The gig has provided me (actually our office) with tickets to the Nats-Padres game tonight.  I have never gone to a baseball game.  I have never watched a baseball game.  Maybe because I’m from the South, and we believe that weekends were made for football, regardless of the season.  I’m thinking about staying for only half of the game, if I go at all.

Finge has his lanky body stretched out over my bed.  By all accounts, he should be a mama’s boy.  Granted, he thinks I’m pretty damned awesome, but he is so determined to be his own man.  Despite his massive size, he’s so kind and caring with smaller kids.  Honestly, you wouldn’t expect a kid his age to be cognizant of such a thing, but that’s Finge.  That kid is all aces.

Ladybug is already starting her day.  She’s a lot like her mother.  At first glance, you think she’s a total hell raiser (and she often is), but she is really sweet and sensitive.  Like me, she’s also very attuned to the moods of others, and will not hesitate to give you a hug or tell a joke so that it can put a smile on your face.

I must say that I wont the lottery in the kick ass kids department.  This weekend I’m taking them to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Smithsonian.  I thought they would be blase about it, but they went positively bananas; particularly Ladybug.

I’m starting to feel my eyelids getting heavy.  Unfortunately, it’s time for me to motivate.  So maybe I should try to remember this posting thing next time I’m up at some ungodly hour.


One response to “Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. WOW…..Lookit them kids!!! It’s been too long since last I saw them. Finge looks like he’s taller than me (no short order), and Ladybug is just so dang grown now (no R. Kelly). Keep up the good work, Breez!

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