My Most Favorite

The first time I saw snow, I fell in love.  The first time I fell in snow – not so much.  But thoughts of egg nog and warm blanketsmake winter a lovely time of year.  Enter spring whe everything is verdant and renewed.  Marvelous.  Summertime is hot, passionate and romantic.  I’m an optimist, so I love all the seasons.

But this week brings autumn, and autumn is my favorite season of all.  I love cool mornings and wind in my hair.  I love donning shades with names like burnt orange and espresso.  I love sweaters and suede.  i love leaves in my hair.

Oh the leaves.  Being from New Orleans, we kind of get cheated out of fall.  Everything pretty much goes from green to brown.  If we’re lucky, it’s interrupted by a pale shade of yellow.  Leaves on the east coast just take your breath away.  Orange, red, bright yellow, brown (not just regular brown – this beautifully rich shade) and PURPLE.  Purple has always been my color.  I moved here, and the tree outside of my apartment turned purple.  I came here with so many questions about whether or not I belonged, so many doubts about whether I made the right move.  And then came my purple tree.  Autumn made me fall in love with the East Coast.

Well, autumn and West Indian brothers, but that’s most assuredly another topic for another day.

B Jack


2 responses to “My Most Favorite

  1. I love autumn too! Those last couple (oh – shes admitting to just a couple -hmmm) of pounds look so mucho better under a jacket. (smile)

    I’ll need to come back to hear about W.I. men…

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