Keeping Me Sane

I have a long day ahead of me, but I can’t sleep. My mind is swirling a million miles a minute, and I’m having a hard time slowing it down. Partially because I’m going through some hurt and anger right now; partially because well, I just can’t stop thinking. What’s funny is that I’ve only had one cup of coffee EAAAAARLYYYYY this (yesterday) morning.

Axe has this creepy commercial, where this dude is made out of chocolate.  Women are taking off pieces of his face, pulling off his arms, biting chunks out of his ass.  This is really not the shit I want to be looking at before I go to bed, but of course they show it during Adult Swim.

I’m going through a 1/3 life crisis, I think.  I wanted things to be so different at 31.  So far, all I’ve managed to do was complete a couple of short stories and come to the conclusion that I’m either getting another tattoo or something pierced.  (Nothing freaky you nasty bastards.)  I’d been feeling really down about it, but I’m reading Suze Orman’s The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke, and she mentioned that she was still waitressing at 29, making $400 a month.  That’s only 2-3 years younger than I, and my salary is much healthier.  My coworker told me not to worry, because real life begins at 40 anyway.  I’m sure I will have met my 23 year old boyfriend by then.

Adult Swim should really come on during prime time.  I want to watch “Venture Brothers” too dammit!

No weight loss to report this week, unfortunately.  It’s been a rough week.  But I’m back in the saddle, and I plan to be at least 12 lbs lighter by my birthday.  I’m not even viewing it as an option.  It MUST happen.

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