Broken windows, flat tires and EZ Off on your car

Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is delightfully hypnotic.  So when I heard her latest song and its beat, vaguely reminiscent of a hip-hop tango, bobbing my head was inevitable.  Then, I paid attention to the words:

“I bust the windows out ya car…”


Ms. Sullivan is not the first songstress to sing about destruction of property.  Jill scott has a song called “Insomnia.”  She’s singing about her man not calling, and not coming around – that old chestnut.  She then launches into a diatribe about how her man turned her from a “woman of substance” to what adds up to a crazy ass stalker ho.  She ends the song, “You reduced me from a woman of substance to this.”

Breakups are emotional times.  It takes us places that we don’t want to be and brings us face to face with things we don’t really want to see.  Nobody likes the rejection or feeling of failure that comes with the breakup territory.  It’s hard to issue proper “protocol” for dealing with such a situation, because every person is different.

HOWEVER, what you do not do, what you must not EVER do, is lash out in violence.  Breakups happen for a reason.  Maybe you suck.  Maybe the guy sucks.  Maybe you both suck.  Maybe neither of you suck, but you don’t have anything in common and no interest in compromise.  But whatever the reason, if the first place you go when something doesn’t work out, is a place of destruction, humiliation or drama – then that’s not what you were driven to, that’s who you are.  A petty, spiteful female, that still sees a tantrum as a viable means to get her way.

I don’t buy that “woman on the verge” shit.  I’m MAD ROWDY.  I don’t like being played, played with, or having my intelligence insulted.  It’s not unheard of for me to be  galactically pissed when a dude plays me for the herb.  I may be hurt, and I will voice my hurt.  I may want to know why.  When all is said and done, I cut my losses and keep it moving. Truth be told, I tend to feel at odds in a girlfriend capacity.  It’s really not keeping with the way of the Maverick.  When it’s nice, it’s nice, and when it’s not, eh, it’s not.  I don’t purport to be perfect.  I’m brash, and slightly crass and cuss too much.  I talk more than I should and can occasionally be something of a broke ass elitist.  On top of all my other bullshit, it’ll be a hot minute before we’re fuckin, which I don’t think is in for 2008.  Go figure. Despite that, I’m still a solid chick.  So, I might not be a total “lady,” but I’m definitely a grown ass woman.

Oh yeah, and I don’t fuck people’s shit up, so…yeah…that’s kind of a plus.