No rest for the weary

One would think that they way I wear myself out during the week, I wouldn’t have midnight blogging sessions, and yet, I do.  Last night when i went to bed, I purposely did not knock out until I was on the verge of a coma.  The kids and I had a “camp-in” where we pretty much ate and joked and watched wrestling until we passed out.  After my blogging session, I noticed Finge was tossing and turning a lot.  I thought maybe he was awake, and so I asked him what he was doing.  “I’m saving you mama.”  My kid dreams about being a hero, lol.  That’s pretty cool.

It’s so gorgeous outside today, I’m going to rush through my errands and then bring them to the park.  They can run themselves crazy while I write.  I desperately need a laptop so that I can write anywhere.  Yes, i plan to be one of those people that set up camp in various public places as they work on their “next big thing.”  Until then, I’ll have to get a couple of good writing tablets.  For those who are interested, Borders has notebooks of the sort for fairly low price.  Purple ones.  (Author’s Note: Purple anything is always a way to get on my good side.  Also note that I have a b-day coming up in a month, so…yeah.)

My writing has been SO much more intense these days.  Even if the story that I wrote doesn’t win the grand prize, it is definitely among my best.  So, if you ever read something about an author to watch…yeah…that’s me.

Off to Target lambs.

just b



Last night, I decided to treat myself to body butter from Carol’s Daughter.*  The name of the product I purchased is SweetHoneyDip ChocolateBrownSugah.  As the name implies, it smells like a hybrid of honey, cocoa and sugar.  My skin feels like a dream, but I have mixed feelings both about the need to name body products after food, as well as my compulsion to purchase such products.
I’m flipping through the channels, and I passed MTV.  A male and female (mother and son actually) were doing sculptures.  As I looked, I said, “That looks like a penis.  I have a filthy mind.”  Lo and behold, they were doing penis sculptures.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.
I discovered that Target sells OPI nail polish.  My insides did the happy dance.
My arms are still tanned from the summer.  OMG, I was SO golden delicious this summer, lol.  However, all that was not exposed to the sun looks anemic – vampiric even.  I plan on being a total beach bunny next summer.  Crazy as it sounds, i think I want to learn how to surf.  Of course, I have to learn how to swim first.  That’s one think that sucks about growing up in a black American city.  For some reason, there is no focus, concern or desire to teach black children how to swim.  I have other opinions on this.  Ask me someday.

I have sworn off fried chicken until after the new year.

The midnight wakeups are beginning to be slightly annoying.  But oh well.  Going to watch Harvey Birdman now.
*I do not believe that body butter is a treat.  Skin care is something that I take very seriously, and I view the “good shit” as a bill.  Take care of yourself and yourself will take care of you!
just b