i should be asleep.  at this very minute, i should be asleep.  i’ve spent the last few hours writing.  i had no idea that time slipped away from me. i have this exercise where i do deep breathing exercises and find my happy place.  it’s just that by the time i think of that, way too much time has passed.

the thing is, i’ve done so much writing, and i’m not sure how much of it i’m going to use.  no bigs.  i just hate that television is so bad, and i don’t want to get out of bed and start doign things around the house, because once i get in that zone, i’ll NEVER go to bed.  ah well.  guess i’ll watch the i love money crap on mtv until i fall into a coma.  peace.

just b


2 responses to “grrrrrrr

  1. Peace Sis,

    You’re a perfect candidate for TiVo. You need to start watching the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network if you haven’t already. You need to watch most or all of the following also: The Office (you already know), Fringe, Intervention and Project Runway.

  2. at two, my son memorized the fight scene in phantom menace. he has a light saber at all time, and i see conventions in his future. so yeah, i got clone wars, lol.

    i used to watch intervention. then one day the ending wasn’t so great (i think the couple got a divorce) and i was combing her hair at the time. she was heartbroken. i guess i’ve kinda been scarred. however, i DO want to watch fringe. i was really into “life” last season, but they put it on friday nights this season. i do NOT have high hopes.

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