I am naked.  I am in water.  It’s warm, and I can hear that there are people all around me.  I crouch down, because I don’t want anyone to notice me.  I turn around and notice that not only are the people around me, but they’re waiting for me.  They’re all different ages; some of the faces i know, some I don’t.  An old Indian lady with a kind face motions for me to come toward her.  I don’t want anyone to see me in my state, and I tell her so.  She says, “No one will mind.  They all understand.”  If I don’t come to her, not only will she get wet, but so will the clothes that she has waiting for me.

The walk toward the bank is not painful.  Everyone is looking at me, but they are looking at my eyes.  After I dry off, and dust off sand, the indian lady clothes me in a beautiful sari of red, purple, orange and gold.  She embraces me and says, “You should have come to India sooner.  She’s been waiting for you.”  She turns me around.  A golden woman in a white shift has her back to me.  She has no hair, she’s wearing plenty of bangles, rings and earrings.  She has a small, yet familiar scar just above her left ankle.  She turns and I see my face; older, but still, my face.

She holds up her left hand to show me that it is bare.  She says, “If you spend too long thinking about that, you’ve missed the entire point.”  Children run up to my golden self.  She says, “Your grandchildren are adventurers too.”

I can’t remember how much more happens during this dream.  I’m not even really sure what this dream means, but it does have me thinking, “India.  Why not?”


4 responses to “Soñar

  1. That sounds like such a peaceful dream to me. Total acceptance and love at some point in your life.

    I love your, “why not?” Good for you!

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  3. Man…after I read the first few lines, I went and got my lotion and tissue. But after I finished reading it, I find that I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I might be. LOL! Breez…WAIT!!! DON’T SHOOT! LOL! I agree with Andre; you should be charging us for this stuff….

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