Early Morning Meanderings

For the second day in a row, I woke up too early.  This morning, at least, I made it to almost 5 am.  I’m also battling a cold.  Yaaaaaaaaay insomnia and snot!!  *blank stare*

I moan in my sleep.  I’ve been told that they noise occasionally borders on the obscene.  I wonder what other sounds I make?  More importantly, do I fart in my sleep?  This may seem unimportant to some, but I’m all for handing out the caveats, ya know?  “Dude, I’m pretty kick ass, but after lights out, I can blow the sheets to the roof.”  Don’t know how well that would go over.

There’s this iced tea that I’ve only had in Shreveport, LA named Red Diamond.  Would driving to Louisiana for tea be unreasonable?

i have SOOOOO fallen off the diet/exercise wagon.  GRRRR.  Probably should have spent this early morning blogging time packing my gym bag, right?  Yeah…

Can I just break in and say OMG! so much SNOT!

Am I the only person that cries at the end of every episode of “Cold Case Files?”  EVERY episode.  Isn’t this show meant for people that are like, a hundred?  I’m not so sure this is good for them.

Six times in the last 24 hours, I’ve felt the need to say, “You REALLY need to ge that bitch up out you.”

Last night, I was talking to one of my girlfriends who accompanied me on the cruise (OMG she has the best gossip!) and we were laughing about all of our misadvantures.  We’ve known each other for well over 25 years.  One day, I’ll have to share with you the tale of the girls’ night out when the toothless man took off his wedding ring for me and gave me $3 to buy a drink.  Really.  And I worry about being single.  Silly girl. *blank stare again*

Sunny side up eggs.  Who eats them?  I ALWAYS see them advertised on TV, but I’ve been to Silver Diner, Kettle, Waffle House, IHOP, Denny’s AND Shoney’s, and I have never ONCE seen a plate of sunny side up eggs.  Not once.  Not in my party.  Not in the restaurant.  Lame.

There’s still a lot of snot going on here.


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