Whenever John McCain calls you his friend…

…someone clubs a baby seal.

I find myself challenged to organize my thoughts about this race, so this post will probably be concise.

There is nothing about John McCain that seems trustworthy.  He was the lesser of the conservative evils, but any human that puts the term “women’s health” in airquotes, as though the issue were as mythical as the cracken.  His insistence on using the term “pro-abortion” also stuck in my craw.  Being pro-abortion means you are an advocate for the destruction of humanity numbskull.  (I won’t even get into how many clinics these “moral” people have bombed.) Dare we even mention the Klan rallies masquerading as Sarah Palin speeches?  The balls it must have taken for McCain to attempt to scare up crocodile tears for John Lewis calling a spade a spade must have been so big he needed to sit in a wheelbarrow.

I’m sure that I will have words for this at a later date, but right now, I’m speechless.


2 responses to “Whenever John McCain calls you his friend…

  1. That debate completely shreded ANY sense of respect or credibility for him that I ever had. Okay…I’m full of shit; he did that long ago. He just put another nail in his coffin.

  2. I’m not speechless.

    Every single time John McCain looks at the camera it’s unbelievable obvious that he’s thinking, “Come on, now. Can’t you people see that ‘this one’ is a nigger?” I can’t stand that Tyrannosaurus-armed douche bag.

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