I ran across this picture.  I liked my face here.  Not because it’s a particularly good picture (I’m probably one of the least photogenic, non-ugly people you will ever meet), but I just look so damn happy in this picture.  I’m pretty sure I took this when my funk was in full swing, but I pulled this smile from somewhere deep.

At this moment, insomnia, disheveled fro (that is about to get cut OFF), legs slightly stubbly and all, that’s how I feel on the inside.  I’m still chubby, horny and broke. But I’m happy.  The wonderful thing is that nobody made me happy.  The fact that nobody has made me happy, makes me even happier.

But with all that happiness, I REALLY need to get to sleep.  This song is one of the most relaxing songs ever and I listen to it whenever I need to come down.