Politics up in dis bish!

Politics and this blog don’t really go together.  I make sure that I stay abreast of what’s going on.  I have my own opinions about what’s going on.  I hope that Barack Obama wipes the proverbial floor with John McCain.  I hope a moose tramples Sarah Palin, but not so that she dies.  I just want it to maybe crush her larynx so that she can’t say anything else.  Ever.  But at the end of it all, this is my take (and a halfway explanation about why I don’t really post political stuff here:

We live in a world (not only a country, but a WORLD) that is excessively corrupt and dishonest.  Money is what talks, and people that have it will always do their damnedest to further their own agendas.  Even the things we see and hear are what THEY want us to see and hear.  So I keep up with what’s current (there’s really not much “new” about the news) and leave it at that. I discuss it in passing with my friends and family, but, I can’t say that it’s a topic that I necessarily enjoy.  The other day I was talking to my boss, and I told her the type of thinker I am was, “whichever side of the brain that has nothing to do with organization and politics.”

Some of the time, I chastise myself for not having more substance; other times, I feel like substance is relative.  I think there are more than enough people that can eloquently wax political.  Some of them are in my links to the right.  I go to them when I need it.  I’m hoping that they come here when they need, uh, whatever it is that I provide.

The reason behind the video?  I’m just in one of those wandering moods. And it’s just a beautiful song.