Lazy Southern Sundays

Subtitled “It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity”

As much as I love autumn – and make no mistake, I love autumn – sometimes, I miss those unseasonably hot days in October and November that you can only get in the DEEP south.  An unexpected cookout simply because the temp is 87 is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

This will sound weird, but there’s something both sultry and electric about the heat of the south.  Not only because everyone gets half naked (country boys washing their cars in wifebeaters…good lord!) but also because it makes everything go a little slower, a little easier, a little softer.  I remember taking a trip to the country with my mom around my birthday.  I was in a tank top, jean shorts and some jellies.  My feet stank to be damned – just HELLACIOUS.  But, that’s autumn in the south.

it’s strange, the things you miss.

just b


2 responses to “Lazy Southern Sundays

  1. Let’s not get to romanticizing this weird ass weather. I’ve got about 27 various and sundry jackets and coats that are coming apart from disuse. This shit ain’t right. Plus, with the good comes the bad. For every muscled, beater-wearing car-washer there’s a half clothed, Corona drinking pinkskin blocking my view.

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