Postcards from the Amethyst Rockstar

Yeah, I’m digging the name.  is it disturbing that I’m completely comfortable with this multiple personality thing I’ve got going on?  Eh well.

Anywhoo, Buenos Sabado lambs!!!  Guess what?  it’s November 1.  You know what that means?  You are now at the beginning of the most kick ass month EVER – the month of my birth!  I’m 21 days from the b-day throwdown, and 23 days from turning flirty-two.  I can’t tell you how smokin I look in my outfit for my party.  Truth be told, I would give MYSELF some.

So, today marks the beginning of the highly anticipated NaNoWriMo, and I will be participating this year. To stay on target, I must write 1,666 words per day (to attain 50,000 by November 30). I have written, uh, zero. Fear not loves, tonight, I’m not going to bed until I write 2,000. That’s right. I’m an overacheiver when I want to be.  For those of you not interested in novel writing, today also marks the start ofNaBloPoMo. I’m attempting to participate in both, using the blog as a warm up exercise, however, if you see chunks of time where I have not posted, I’m probably getting my novel on. Or out somewhere breaking hearts. ;-P

just b


6 responses to “Postcards from the Amethyst Rockstar

  1. dear sir,

    i DO in fact, dig “list of demands.” confession time: i have been SO delinquent about getting up on saul williams. thanks for this. and thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

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