PB& J Chronicles

Am I the only person that thinks PB&J on honey wheat toast is timeless?  I was sitting here trying to think what I would write next, and then I took a PB&J break.  *sigh* Wonderful.

Conference rooms should have a Spartan death pit, right?  I mean, as soon as someone gets out of order, a well placed foot to the chest.  I honestly believe it would increase productivity.  I also believe that there should be one at family reunions too keep the crack/meth heads in line.

It’s like the world will not be satisfied until little girls are abject whores.  There’s a toy called Tini Puppini and it’s kind of like Bratz meets dogs meets, uh Magic City?  I am SO not the uptight mom, but in the commercial, they have the dog poking its ass out saying “I love how my tail looks in these jeans.”  THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

In a rare move yesterday, I was watching part of “Sex in the City.”  (Is it “Sex & the City?”  I can never remember.)  Anyway, the reason I kept watching it was because the main character was being hit on by this guy and she truly wasn’t intersting.  She said something to the effect of how it was usually flattering, but that time, it was just exhausting.  I probably wouldn’t have watched for as long as I did if I couldn’t COMPLETELY relate.  I’d dealt with a simlar experience just this past week, and while polite, I would have much rather watched paint dry.  I’m just going through that phase where “Paper Thin” is set on repeat in my mental playlist.  I figure if I want orgasms and support, I’ll just rely on my vibrator and a good bra for the time being.

I’ve gotta be at 4,000 words by the end of the night.  I’ve taken Monday and Tuesday off, so  the plan is to dedicate 4 hours each day to writing.  I’m thinking I’ll exceed my 2,000 wpd goal.  Wish me luck lambs.

just b


One response to “PB& J Chronicles

  1. Peace,

    Luck is wished. And, as usual, I agree with you. I’m not even a prudish cat and it dawned on me one day last summer that the Disney channel was competing with Nickelodeon to see which could whore our children out the quickest. Self-esteem can’t be found in a pair of jeans.

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