I totally want it to be tomorrow already.  It seems as though this election has been going on for eons.  I recognize that this is due, in part, to the Democratic Primary being so contentious; but this is also due to this day has been centuries in the making.  It has also brought to light just how racist this country is.  McCain Palin rallies were only missing burning crosses, and at least one came with its own massa loving negro.  It also demonstrated crabs in a barrel syndrome.  The gall of Jesse Jackson to state that he wanted to exact as vicious an act as cutting off Obama’s testicles (which, for those of you that do not know, is also an activity that took place in lynchings), well, to call it inexcusable would be a disservice.

So, no matter the outcome of this race (GO OBAMA!), we need to come to come to terms with issues about race, and dispel some myths.

Not every Middle-Eastern Muslim is a terrorist and/or extremist. Whenever America is at war with another nation, that race of people is only next in line to Beelzebub when it comes to horrible souls.  Have you ever seen a World War II era Bugs Bunny commercial?  Well, they’re so racist and offensive, they don’t even show them on television anymore.  Mel Blanc was fucking OVER the Japanese.  Before you get the idea that Muslims have the monopoly on heinous acts, consider the “Good Christians” that bomb abortion clinics?  Are you telling me this is not a terrorist activity?  Or, for shits and giggles, consider looking up the Crusades and learning where the term “get medival on that ass” came from.  People use religion as a cover to do some fucked up stuff, but that doesn’t mean that every person that subscribes to that religious ideology is a nutjob.

We ain’t the same. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get along.  There are things about being white that I will never understand.  There are things about being Asian that I will never understand.  However, if we stop acting as though we know what another race’s problem is, or we know what they’re dealing with, it can really do much to ease relations.  Be who you are, without being a douchebag.  You’ve never walked in my shoes, so don’t try to tell me about my instep.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know or understand something, and that you want to learn where the other person is coming from.

Racism against blacks STILL EXISTS. Yes, slavery is over.  Yes, great strides have been made.  But there are so many more strides that need to be made.  I may have mentioned this before, but I once had a conversation with a coworker, about some flagrant shit that was going on with my son at school.  She said, “Oh my god, that sounds like discrimiation.  People still do that?”  In what states of America does she live?

Being an Arab is not illegal.  When the shit did this become a big deal?  I mean, I know…but still?  After Palin started getting her KKK on, and shit got totally out the box for McCain (and I do not see him as an innocent victim of his overzealous supporters), he had an exchange with a woman who said, “Well, I heard he was an Arab?”  If he was, SO THE FUCK WHAT??  When did this become a capital offense?  And did McCain dismiss this statement as ludicrous based on his race being a non issue?  No, he treated that assertion as though she said Obama fucks baby seals in the eye sockets on Saturdays and feasts on the tears of orphans.  Is it okay to be racist against Arabs?  Get the fuck out.

I can not reiterate enough, an Obama election is a tremendous step.  But my friends, it is NOT the journey.


2 responses to “Impatient

  1. Peace,

    An Obama victory is akin to a punch drunk boxer getting up off of the mat after he’s been repeatedly knocked down. I keep telling people the same thing – and I realize how hokey it sounds – but I just want to be able to point to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and say to my sons, “Anything is possible.”

  2. Man…you are on point like iced-nipples with this one! I get SO TIRED of expressing to people, mostly whites, that Islam is NOT the religion of the Evil Empire, not all Middle Eastern people want to rid the world of democracy, and Christianity has not been a peach for the other faiths of the world. What pisses me off more than anything else is how decent folks of Midle Eastern/Arab descent have to suffer for the ignorance of people who don’t read a frickin’ book or news report.

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