The morning after

So after the collective orgasm that was the announcment that Barack Obama is the new president, my kids asked me why I was crying.  I said:

He had a single mother, just like you.  He didn’t have a lot of money, just like you.  He had a family that helped his mother looked out for him, just like you.  The best part is, you’re smart, just like him, so look at what you can do.

Jon Stewart spoke of being “showers” and not just “tellers.”  It’s one thing to look at a black child and say, “You can be president.”  It’s another thing to look at a black child and say, “He was just like you and he became president.”

I looked at the President’s long gangly frame.  Then I looked at my son’s long gangly frame.  I looked at my daughter’s long gangly frame.  To be fair, I have no interest in them going into a life of politics.  But a life of possibilities?  Yeah…that suits me just fine.


3 responses to “The morning after

  1. This is a beautiful little post. It was EXTREMELY difficult for me to work today. I’m still brimming. To borrow a phrase from KG after he won the title, “What they gon’ say now?!”

  2. Awww….that’s why I love your blog. It’s just one candy-coated, sugary-sweet Hallmark moment after the other. And the best part is that I can FULLY relate. Kudos, Breez.

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