“Missed it by that much” (c) Maxwell Smart

I* almost let a day pass without blogging or writing.  Still not sure if I’ll be able to get my write on, but I’ve gotta at least blog.

Who saw South Park last night?  “Celebrate Good Obama! Come on!”  Did he really sing “Obama” to the tune of Mandy?  Like, for real?  It’s beyond hilarious.

I believe my children are now losing their minds.  For the last couple of days, I’ve had to repeat myself three times.  Now, I put great effort into not being a shreiking harpy 24/7, but tonight I told them to scrape their plates and brush their teeth.  Nobody budged.  This was after nobody budged when I told them to take the garbage out while I was cooking dinner.  I didn’t go shreiking harpy, but I did put my “I will snatch a knot out your ass,” voice on.  First of all, I have NO earthly clue how one goes about snatching a knot out of someone’s ass, nor do I know how one would get a knot in their ass.  I just know that when my mother said it to me, I got the feelng it would end with me on life support?

There was a report about childen being safer staying with their grandparents as opposed to daycare.  So, on the one half of the argument, there’s “duh”.  The only person that could come close to taking care of a kid than mama, is mama’s mama.  Plus, if you’ve got grandparents like mine, the kid won’t be around anything sharp, won’t watch anything above a G rating (it doesn’t even matter if you’re 25), and will be pumped so full of bran, you’ll be able to set your watch by their bowels.  Daycare is expensive as hell, so typically, if a kid is in daycare, that means that the parent probably doesn’t have the option of grandparent care for one reason or another.  Who funds these studies?  I’m goign to conduct a study.  If you take laxatives, you’re gonna poop.  A lot.  Fuck you.  Pay me.

The puns on CSI are positively abysmal.  No story there.  I like certain aspects of the show, but, ugh.

So, I was planning to go to to South Africa next year, possibly around Christmas.  Nine days in the Motherland.  It would give me a break between my other vacations.  However, since I don’t want the schedule of others, I’d have to go alone, creating a considerable expense.  Combine that with the shitty economy and my employer telling me that I will not be receiving a bonus this year (and I’m presuming a raise next year, I’m no dummy) as a result of that shitty economy, and you have a postponed visit to Table Mountain.  I was also going to spend the day in Zambia and see Victoria Falls.    Correction, I AM going to spend the day in Zambia and see Victoria Falls; it just may be postponed.  That being said, I’ve peeped out a charming hotel within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower that would look delightful wrapped around me.

The exciting reaction I had over the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game was embarrassing.  i got so geeked, my kid looked at me and asked, “Do you really care about stuff like that?”  I’m fairly certain ones kids should not outgrow them.

I love teh Brooke Sheilds Routan commercials.  Priceless.  it’s like she’s saying “Suck it Cruise!”

You know what word I like for genitals?  “Junk.”  Especailly when said with the right inflection.  Yeah…junk.  Heh heh.


2 responses to ““Missed it by that much” (c) Maxwell Smart

  1. Yeah…I almost had a release from my “junk” when I saw a preview of the Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe game. Pretty great stuff.

    P.S. Have I ruined “junk” for you yet? Yes? Thank you 🙂

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