A funny thing happened

Every Sunday morning, I take a jaunt to the *Bux for a macchiato or latte of some sort.  It’s wintertime, so now they have all their delicious coffee flavors.  The egg nog latte puts me on the express train to Yumsville.  so this morning, I threw on my workout clothes and my hoodie, pulled my hair back, and dragged myself out the crib. Evidently it was wall to wall fine ass man day and I missed the memo.  And here I am, unplucked eyebrows and not even a dab of lipgloss.  No matter.  I’m on some spiritual journey of some sort.  But still.  You at least want to people to think you’re cute right?  So, despite that, I still maneuver because lipgloss or no, I am most definitely what’s hot in these here Rockville streets.

So after I leave the barrage of fine men in Starbucks, I head to my car where yet ANOTHER fine man is pulling up.  At this point, I accept the fact that I’m getting punked and get in my car.  He pulls up alongside me, and hops out his car, standing on my passenger side.  I figure he’s waiting for me to pull off, so I tell him to go ahead first.  So then he leans down and taps on my window.  To ask for my phone number.

Yeah.  That’s right.

Like I said…lipgloss or no…


8 responses to “A funny thing happened

  1. i realize that you have also forgotten “maverick,” which is understandable, as the term has been maligned as of late. i plan to show him how it’s REALLY done though.

    there’s also a couple gifted to me by a friend “mellie mel from the group home, never leaving the boys alone” and “the evil creole.” did i mention this friend is a bit of a hater?

    i tell ya, ya grandmother has a french name and looks like a white chick, and you get all sorts of grief.

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