Man, Fuck Prop 8, Part I

The following is a snippet of a chat rant to a friend of mine.  Now, there’s a lot more to be said about this, but I thought that this would be a great start for discussion.  If you are sensitive about the language, and more specifically, the use of the word “bitch,” may I suggest that you: 1) lighten up, it’s all tongue in cheek; and 2) pay attention to what’s actually being said:
though i’m beginning to think that monogamy is the biggest joke going
because ok
let’s go with the traditional judeo-christian definition of a relationship:
muhfukka meets bitch
they get married and have a whole gang of kids
that’s the short form version
the actual execution is
muhfukka meets bitch
bitch makes muhfukka jump through all sorts of hoops that he has no interest in jumping through
but knows that if he does not, he will have non drained nuts and nobody to fry his chicken
bitch convinces muhfukka to attend misc family functions to witness the other muhfukkas that have been worn down and permanently attached to the other bitches in the bitch’s family
until he finally acquiesces
resentment ensues
the bitch suggests a kid to bring them closer together
the muhfukka agrees, but only because he thinks it will give her something to do
finally, he pumps her full of enough babies til she is too busy to realize that he has wandering dick syndrome
and that is the institution folks are trying to preserve
This is enough for you to marinate on for now, but discuss, and stay tuned for Part II.

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