My name ain’t no damn Bebe

I’m watching my children clean up today.  See, typically, they make the mess, I clean it up, and while I’m in the midst of cleaning, they make more mess.  Today, I had an “OH HELL NAW” moment, when from the time it took me to take a shower, they had turned the place into Beirut meets Fallujah.  So now, I’ve got them reorganizing the joint, so they can have a healthy respect for what it takes to keep this big wheel of life turning.

I walked in the room, and they were acting like a couple of wild heathens.  Jumping off of shit, throwing shit in the air.  I half expected Ladybug to tell Finge, “We gon make it rain nigga!”  Totally off the chain.

I feel a little guilty, just watching them and such, but in the words fo the late great Bernie Mac, “Fuck it…gotta learn, gotta learn!”

They are mad as hell too.  My old folks home is SOOOOOOOO not goign to have indoor plumbing.


5 responses to “My name ain’t no damn Bebe

  1. Allow me a bit of a tangent. We took the little man to see Madagascar 2 the night before last. It wasn’t terrible but, like many children’s movies, it played to a great deal of race and gender stereotypes. At any rate, I’m wondering why the original Madagascar, steaming piece of crap that it was, necessitated a sequel. Do you know?

  2. the reason they made another is because, they looked at the box office numbers. they know kids are terrorists, so they’re going to force their parents to see that shit. i’m a pretty cartoon friendly parent, but i just didn’t “get” madagascar. i guess it

    btw, wtf is “crackalackin?”

    coincidentally, my kids’ school showed kung fu panda at family movie night in friday, and i quite enjoyed it.

  3. btw, wtf is “crackalackin?”

    That’s Chris Rock’s way of calling white people crackers without being penalized for it.

    Kung Fu Panda was the shit. Bee Movie? Terrible. Igor? They tried to slip a pickaninny in that shit and thought that black folks wouldn’t see it.

  4. First of all, Ratatouille is the only kiddie move I can sit through even if the idea of rats being anywhere near my food sickens me. I have deep wounds from rodents in the Ninth Ward.

    Second of all, if you want a good trick to send the message to kids try this when they don’t pick up behind themselves. Bring them to the kitchen, take every dish out of the cabinet and make them wash every piece. It’s punishment and fun to watch

  5. I watched Kung-Fu Panda with the kids at Buffalo Wild Wings with the kids the other night, and I REALLY enjoyed it. It was great, and I didn’t guess I’d enjoy it so much. Good flick.

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