Today, as I perused one website or another, someone had a write-up about improvements for the new year.  It’s November.  The 17th.  It’s a month and thirteen days until 2009.  Really? If I tell you that I’m going to start a weight loss program in 44 days, you won’t take me seriously.

You want to sell Halloween candy in August, have at it.  You want to run Christmas commercials in September, be my guest.  However, to put change on layaway, I just can’t condone that.  To quote the fabulous Ms. Badu, “You need to dance and dance to make the rain come down.”  It’s not going to magically happen because the date has changed.  What are you doing to get there?

This is actually something of a call out to myself.  I can be the world’s greatest procrastinator.  Though i don’t particularly adhere to the whole “wait til next year,” school of thought, I can’t say that I haven’t had my fair share of, “I’ll do it tomorrows,” and, “this diet definitely starts Sunday.” Wiggety wiggety wiggety wack.

So…why wait?


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