4 responses to “The Seer

  1. One More Thing: I don’t even frequent the damned clubs anymore but I can EASILY imagine a bunch of foolish women jumping up like they spilled coffee on their patellas, jiggabooing around on the dance floor and wagging their fingers in cats’ faces when the dj puts this number on. Sickening..

  2. lmfao.
    well, speaking as a big girl myself, when this song came out, i knew where it was going, and i knew ashley stewart was going to be HEAVILY involved. i know how my sistren get down.

  3. HI-DAMN-LARIOUS…and yet, so sad. It’s like you said…these chicks are telling these guys “if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it” when Jay STILL hasn’t admitted that he’s married to Bey.

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