I want sympathy…and maybe some shoes

Gots me some time off.  Of course, as happens at least once a year, I have been touched by the cold of death on my long weekend.  I spent all day in bed, which I hate.  On a regular day, I have too much to do to spend the day in bed.  This is totally unacceptaqble for a four day weekend.  I’m at 45%, so I wrote a few pages as pennance.

I’m just amazed by the fact that my body can produce so much snot.  Just…so much.  My nose is ashy, my head feels like a balloon, and my children have taken this time to lose their everloving minds.  I don’t know why.  I mean, they know I’m going to remember and act a fool.  Why must they test me?

What I hate the most about colds is the fact that I can’t enjoy a good PB&J con leche.  Wack sauce!


One response to “I want sympathy…and maybe some shoes

  1. CHICK!!! I, TOO, am one who is simply amzed that I can produce so much snot. I’ve been trying to think of a practical use for it so that I can make some money off of that shit.

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