There comes a time…

…when you think, “It would have been easier if I would have just slapped that ho.”

…when the only support you’re getting is from your bra.  And one of the straps broke.

…when you realize that passing the blame isn’t all bad.  That time usually comes when you fart in a crowd.

…when recognize even those you love the most are deeply flawed.

…when you recognized that you’re pretty raggedy too.

…when you realize that the previous two aren’t to be forgiven or endured, but to be embraced as part of a real life.

…when a you (man AND woman) realize that a lot of your relationship problems stem from wanting your mate to “act right.”

…when you ignore the fact that you don’t act right your damn self.

…when you turn into your parents and you couldn’t be feel more proud.

…when you realize that love comes in many forms, and if you’re merely limiting it to a ring box, you’ve missed the entire point.

…when you learn that inappropriate humor is often the funniest.

…when you think the dimples in your butt give it character.

…when you would still buy cellulite cream regardless.  Leave the characters for cartoons.

…when you realize that true wisdom lies in admitting what you don’t know.

…when you realize that the time you wasted worrying about the opinions of others is time you wasted.  Period.

…when your child does the same crap you did, and you want to give your parents a rhodium trophy for not yanking a knot out of your ass on an hourly basis.

…when you realize that you DON’T have haters.  Not real ones.  You ain’t Jigga.  You are a bookkeeping clerk.  Somebody poured honey in your calculator?  Then you’re cool.  Chill out.


6 responses to “There comes a time…

  1. There comes a time when you realize that not everyone that loves you is equipped to help you get through the things you are going through and you have to let them off the hook.

  2. One is not being honest with one’s self if one can not truthfully utter the phrase, “I farted and departed.”

    Also, with regard to Cliff’s comment:
    I’m getting to the point where what I feel about people doesn’t even factor into the equation. I’m all about judging cats by their actions, now, despite how cool I believe them to be. Friendly fire is just as lethal as any other kind of fire. If you can’t offer a smidgen of support, even though I work very diligently to not be in the position to need it, then go your way.

  3. Hmmm…I dunno. I have friends that have different roles/strengths. I don’t know if it’s about not being supportive, I think Cliff is referring to some individuals being better equipped to support you in certain circumstances than others.

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