Late Night Thoughts

Twocommercials came on back to back, and each of them inspired a “Why?”

1.  Why did we have THREE “Mummy” movies?

2.  Why did we have two “The Starter Wife” seasons?

I guess they are each examples of how there’s something for everybody.  Yet, this brought me to another thought:  why do they always fuck up the three-quel?  X-Men, Spiderman, The Matrix.  The only movie that I can think of that did NOT crap out in the third movie was the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  In actuality, the same can be said for “Harry Potter.”  However, since the two had good raw material to draw from, do they count?

A friend has a theory, “Things typically end badly, or else, they would not end at all.”  I’m just don’t quite  understand the point in creating something, dare I say, a masterpiece, then adding onto it until it runs into the ground. 

I’m a huge fan of superhero movies (NERD ALERT!) so to have Peter Parker dancing a la “Chicago” in “Spiderman 3”, or denying Scott Summers a respectable death scene in “X Men 3”, as follow up to each movie’s PHENOMENAL sequel is tantamount to da Vinci redoing “The Last Supper,” but adding ribs.  Just because it seems like a good idea, and maybe would be great ANYWHERE else, that doesn’t mean it will automatically fit in that context.

Just a thought.  I should really be sleeping anyway.

**Please note I am stopping before I begin to run on.  I’m talking to YOU Lucas and Speilberg.**


7 responses to “Late Night Thoughts

  1. The worst thing that happened to the Matrix is it made too much money. Once the studio figured out it could make millions by telling more of the story they couldn’t resist. That’s why I am glad Kill Bill didn’t become a runaway success at the box office.

    What in the hell is The Starter Wife?

  2. Well, I think that the 3rd Matrix COULD have been good, if they weren’t so focused on competing with LOTR. It was quite obviously rushed.

    Well, let me start by saying, if you had responded, “I find that Debra Messing INSUFFERABLE ever since she left ‘Will and Grace’,” I probably would have had some questions for you.

    However, it’s some show about a woman dealing with divorce. I could take it on a few tangents, but I won’t. Really, I won’t.

  3. I think the biggest mistake they do is to rush, or try to fit EVERYTHING in one movie. It can be done. Sometimes, I think it’s good to bring in a fresh eye. A new director, etc.

    That’s why I think the Harry Potter movies have done well. (I am a SHAMELESS fan of the movies!) Periodically, they switch up the directors and such.

  4. Please note that the second Matrix was at least just as terrible as the third.

    Please note that the chances of Iron Man II not sucking improved exponentially with punk-ass Terrence Howard’s withdrawal.

    Also, bad movies still make money so, since it’s easier not to try, studio execs figure, “Fuck it.”

  5. I happened to LOVE the second Matrix. Or at the least, I loved the special effects, which was sort of the point, right? I can’t say I particularly liked the twin thingies, or the whole bringing Trinity back to life thing (I thought it was kind of stupid considering they offed her in the 3rd). Outside fo that, I was all in.

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