Can we try that again in the Key of ‘G’? Oh, and maybe without you being such a bitch?


Today whilst lounging at Cliff’s Crib, he discussed how ugly the commenters can become, particularly in matters of race and politics. He remarked at how easily anonymous individuals showcase rudeness and hate. In my comment, I mentioned that it’s not only hot button issues that bring out the snarkiness in individuals.  People do it for no reason whatsoever.  I mentioned in the comment that it could be a debate about Doritos:  “Cool Ranch is the best flavor!  Eat a dick!  I’ll kill you muthafucka!!!”  How the hell did we get here.

So I went about my business, post-comment, and someone sent me a write up about whether or not there would be a sequel to “The Dark Knight.”  Just to satiate my curiosity (because I purposely avoid comment sections generally) and sure enough, the beginnings of snark and moderate douchery.

Commenter 1:

McDohl: Ya, I seen that Nolan interview. I think its wise for him to take a step back and figure out how to make the third one good, instead of throwing something out there in hopes of capitalizing on the 2nd one….
December 9, 12:01 PM

Commenter 2:

Lydia: @ McDohl: you didn’t “seen” anything. You SAW the interview. Good lord.
December 9, 12:46 PM

Now, I’m a bit of a stickler for grammar and diction.  It chafes my hide when I see people type, “Your so crazy,” or “it’s over their.”  The misspelling “definate” has been known to send me into an emotional tizzy, and I can’t stomach the use of the word “irregardless.”  However, shit happens!  There have been plenty of times where I’ve blogged or commented and started with one thought, gotten distracted, then ended with my subject and verb not merely disagreeing, but coming to hellacious blows.  Certainly we SHOULD always proofread, but it doesn’t always happen.

Now, part of the reason you love me is for my honesty.  I HAVE been that person that would not hesitate to cut a person down for even the most minor grammatical infraction.  And that person was a MISERABLE BITCH.  And one day, I realized the world would not collapse if some person I had never met (and would probably never meet) said “I is.”  I would not be one whit happier for making someone feel small for using the term “irregardless.”

When you feel empowered by making others feel uncomfortableand small, it’s important that you reexamine what’s going on in your life.  I know that I reexamine what’s goin on in my life when my first reaction is to go to the bad place.  I love my biting sarcasm, but when it comes through once too often, I have no qualms with checking myself.

Just food for thought.



3 responses to “Can we try that again in the Key of ‘G’? Oh, and maybe without you being such a bitch?

  1. Peace,

    This exchange reminds me of the phrase, ‘Please don’t finger fuck me with details.’ I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I heard or read this, however.

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