I love him cuz he cleans his home

So, Neyo n’nem have that catchy little song about how they want their woman to be independent and such.  She has her own thing, her own money, her blah blah blah.  Here’s my question to that:  Muthafucka, is your tub clean?  How often do you clean your refrigerator?  Is there FOOD in your refrigerator?  Real talk.

I know a lot of guys that speak this independent jargon, and their apartment looks like Beirut.  Okay, I’m making my own money, can you hook up an edible gumbo?  Do you refrain from wearing the same pair of socks two days in a row? Do you wash your baseboards?

Check it fam, I’ve got this independent thing down, and as an independent woman, I am not trying to be your mama.  I want YOU to be up on the good fabric softener and know how to make gravy from scratch.  Yeah…that’s right.  There are a whole lot of yall still going to mama for your laundry.  Hell, a lot of yall are still going to mama for your laundry because YOU LIVE THERE.  I just want the playing field to be leveled.  It’s no problem for me to have my own thing.  Do you have a complete set of pots?

Okay…these are just jokes.  It’s not the 50s, and women are making their own money.  But still…what you got on my jambalaya homie?


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