These past couple of weeks have been hellacious.  I’m tired, overwhelmed and feeling alienated because I wouldn’t know how to begin to verbalize what’s wrong.

The thing is, everyone else has their own shit to deal with, and no one has time for me to figure out my issues THEN dump those issues on them.  It’s kind of tiresome, and I guess the only reason I’m sharing here is because it’s my space.

I had a horrible financial situation take place last week, and I didn’t know how I was going to make it, but fortunately it was resolved, because otherwise, I had no clue how I would make it.  I thought that was the core of my anxiety, but it doesn’t seem to be so.  I hate not knowing what’s wrong, but I’m antsy and annoyed and I kind of just want to retreat from everything and everyone.

But that’s not how life goes, sso ah well.

That bewitching Emerald Fairy

When it comes to seasons, Autumn is like my committed lover, but Spring is that mysterious someone who casts longing glances at me when my man is away on business.  Naughty spring.  The smell of freshly cut grass awakens my restless wanderlust from hibernation.  My best writing takes place in the spring because I set Finge and The ‘Bug loose in the park and write for hours on end.  It’s alfresco happy hours with my girls, while appreciating the fellas showing their various assets (biceps and deltoids and pecs, oh my!), set free from bulky sweaters and long sleeve shirts.  How can you not love Spring?  This Sunday we’re going to our first cookout of the season and I can’t WAIT.  I’m searching for the perfect sangria recipe, so if you have one, please share.

So, here are ten reasons to love Spring:

1.  Linen – Can you miss with this fabric?  There’s something about it that looks crisp and fresh.  Whether you’re male or female, a simple linen outfit with clean lines has the power to make you irresistable.

2.  Picnics/Cookouts – I love the togetherness that eating outdoors fosters.  Even when it’s nighttime, and you’re all huddled around citronella candles to escape bugs, it’s just the best.  It’s relaxing, it’s familial, it’s perfect.

3.  Wifebeaters – Okay, now, not everyone has the body for this garment, but if you do, it’s smokin.  The Amethyst Rockstar (oh yes, she is in full effect) can not resist eyeballing a fine ass man in a wife beater.  Yes…he might rob me, but I’ll be able to render a full report to the police, because I promise he has been thoroughly examined.

4.  Rolling down your windows – I love wind in my hair.  I love the feeling of being connected to what’s going on outside, catching snippets of bus stop gossip or other people’s music.  I’ve spent all winter closed off from the cold, and in effect, other people, so by spring, I’m chomping at the bit to get in strangers’ business.

5.  Spring Ale – Do I have to elaborate on this?  Do I need a reason?  Refreshing beer. Mmmmmmm!  Maybe with a big fat orange slice in it.  MMMMMMMMM!

6.  Sandals – I loooooooooooove to let my feet breathe.  I kind of hate confinement, and this REALLY applies for shoes.

7.  Sundresses – One of the best creations ever.  Theyre comfortable as can be and men go crazy for them.  This is really win-win.

8.  Weekend trips – It’s not quite summer, so the kids are still in school, but you can still get that quickie teaser getaway in.  Leave out Friday night, and return late (late, late) Sunday night.  Of course Monday, you’re tired as all hell, but it was totally worth it.

9.  Fun school stuff – My kids’ school has all sorts of fun activites for the kids and families, including “Kids’ Night Out.”  This is a night where you drop your kids off, they get them hopped up on popcorn, juice, video games and maybe crack, and you go about your damned business for like 3 hours.  BEST.  SHIT.  EVER!

10.  Events – Outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs…I’m kicking my feet out of sheer joy just thinking about it!

I’m already there, I’ve just got one question:

“Who’s comin’ with me?  C’mon!  WHO’S COMIN?!


The reasons you should never say never

Is because overnight, he gave my stomach butterflies. I’m virtually certain I retired from the butterfly stomach business.

And he says it’s no coincidence.

And the people who know us say it’s no coincidence.

And I say he’s always been the Fonny to my Tish.

And there’s no pressure.

And he says I make him think.

And I say that he lets me feel.

And we don’t have a curfew.

And rather than expecting an outcome, we’re examining the possibilities, and that’s cool enough for me.

Good Friends

This past weekend, I brought my kiddies to Atlanta so that their dad and I could perform a kiddie hand off.  As luck has it, one of my oldest and dearest friends lives in the A, so I got the opportunity to reconnect with her.   For the purposes of this blog, I’ll call her “Charlotte” , since she puts me in the mind of Charlotte* of “Sex & the City.”

It was just beautiful.  Whenever I look at the people I consider my friends, I never think, “Did I choose well?”  We reminisced, had heart to hearts, danced, laughed, almost cried a little.  When you build a friendship, step away, and pick up where you left off, that, precious, is love.  First Puppy Love, now Charlotte.  I wonder who’s next.

*Charlotte’s reaction is precisely what my friend would have done in this situation: