Good Friends

This past weekend, I brought my kiddies to Atlanta so that their dad and I could perform a kiddie hand off.  As luck has it, one of my oldest and dearest friends lives in the A, so I got the opportunity to reconnect with her.   For the purposes of this blog, I’ll call her “Charlotte” , since she puts me in the mind of Charlotte* of “Sex & the City.”

It was just beautiful.  Whenever I look at the people I consider my friends, I never think, “Did I choose well?”  We reminisced, had heart to hearts, danced, laughed, almost cried a little.  When you build a friendship, step away, and pick up where you left off, that, precious, is love.  First Puppy Love, now Charlotte.  I wonder who’s next.

*Charlotte’s reaction is precisely what my friend would have done in this situation:


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