These past couple of weeks have been hellacious.  I’m tired, overwhelmed and feeling alienated because I wouldn’t know how to begin to verbalize what’s wrong.

The thing is, everyone else has their own shit to deal with, and no one has time for me to figure out my issues THEN dump those issues on them.  It’s kind of tiresome, and I guess the only reason I’m sharing here is because it’s my space.

I had a horrible financial situation take place last week, and I didn’t know how I was going to make it, but fortunately it was resolved, because otherwise, I had no clue how I would make it.  I thought that was the core of my anxiety, but it doesn’t seem to be so.  I hate not knowing what’s wrong, but I’m antsy and annoyed and I kind of just want to retreat from everything and everyone.

But that’s not how life goes, sso ah well.


One response to “Wiped

  1. Doll…when I tell you that I COMPLETELY understand. Between MY financial probs coupled w/completely unnecessary drama at work, I’m too pooped to pop! The most I can do is just pray for us to get through it sooner than later.

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