The Expansion

My mother gave birth to me at 25 and died at 43; we had 17 years and 360 days together.  Her ability to take that 17 years and 360 days, and instill a wealth of wisdom tells me that I was not only blessed to have her as a mother, but I was blessed to know her.  Having four daughters, the potential for cattiness was astounding, so she took every opportunity to instill these words of wisdom in us:

Great people talk about ideas; small people talk about people.

Now, as I became older, I learned that there was something in there about average people talking about…eh, something.  Since Moms Duke pretty much had no interest in “average,”  I’m confident that she left that part out by design; however, I digress.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to give a fresh eye to my unapologetic take on life, yet NOT turn this into a “love blog.”  I wanted to climb the mountains and sing the songs that I want to sing.  I want to diverge from the beaten path of women-men talk.  The funny thing is, lately, when I start writing, that seems to be what comes out.  Complaints about love, complaints about men, the ghosts of penis past.  I don’t like to be boxed.  One of my mantras is that smart people don’t have all the answers, but they know where to find them.  Smart people effectively utilize their resources.

I fancy myself a rather smart chick (or at least I’m getting there…I hope), so I’m coming to you.  I’m apparently lonely and horny, so all of my ideas have a relationship base.  So this is my challenge, nay, my appeal, to you.  Please find it in your heart to think of something that you would like to see me write about.  The ONLY criteria is that it not be about love, sex or relationships.  I know that reading my words is the ultimate favor (and I really appreciate the thought that there are people who care to learn what’s on my brain), so I’m hoping you can do me this solid.


Bee Jack


One response to “The Expansion

  1. How do I say this? I love you for who you are, and for that same reason, I love your blog the same. Not to be Jockin Bee Jack, but your dope and insightful views on all things, be it love, relationships, and even penis lost is why I continue to come here and get my fill. That being said, stop tryna self-censor and just write. I’ll appreciate it.

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