I just wanted to say

That Michael Jackson was found not guity TWICE, and went to court





And he was the joke of the industry. And the few friends that spoke on his behalf were treated like loons.

Roman Polanski’s nasty ass is documented as drugging and raping a 13 year old girl at his friend’s house while the friend’s girlfriend was THERE, and they give him Oscars and accolades.  You know what?  Fuck your post-racial times.


4 responses to “I just wanted to say

  1. Not just documented…
    Let’s really be brash here, he as if vaginal rape wasn’t enough , he fucked a 13 year old in the ass! A 13 year old!!

    And then had the nerve to say oh he fled the country cos he was afraid the judge would sentence him to a long time in prison.

    I can’t believe people are defending this peadophile.
    He drugged, fucked and buggered a 13 year old.

    He knew she was 13. Jeez!

  2. Hey…in a society where you can piss on a 14 year old…ON VIDEO, and be acquitted, and your whack ass is back on the radio in a few months, we can’t be surprised any more. But yeah…fcuk your post-racial times.

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