Rough Mommy Days

One of the biggest obstacles I have that keep me fron the title of “Bomb Ass Mom,” is my lack of organization.  I forget birthdays, I misplace progress reports, I forget to take ground meat out of the freezer so we have to eat out more often then I am comfortable.  Oh, and the shit I lose:  house keys, car keys, umbrellas, shoes, coupons.  It’s just a hot ghetto mess.

When I look at friends who have compartments and shelves and containers for shit, I just sit and marvel, because I have no idea how they get things that way.  I have even less of an idea of how they KEEP them that way.  And let me tell you, training my kids is even harder, because I don’t even know what I’M doing.  The domestic diva is my Achilles heel.  This year’s gift to myself (because lovelies, birthday season is upon us), is organization.  Being able to look for something and put my hands on it in less than a minute would be invaluable.

So, yeah.  Let’s get it.


2 responses to “Rough Mommy Days

  1. I RARELY lose anything b/c I designate exactly ONE spot for any thing, and I, ROUTINELY, plac it there. Cellphone, keys, wallet…they all have only ONE place where they are placed. Hell, you’re still a Supermom candidate to me; even Kal-el had Kryptonite

  2. I used to have a memory like whooooaaaaa.. I would never forget things. I’d remember items of clothing othe rpeople wore the first time I met them… used to be really cool.

    Then I got older and disorganised and damn I just felt like I couldn’t remember anything anymore.

    The thing that helped me most, was simply always walking around with a little notebook and empying my brain of a heck of a lot of useless info I was carrying around (and there was a lot of it).

    You know your weakness honey, don’t try to be like all those folk who remember stuff, just try to manage your ish in a way condusive for and to you.

    Oh and being disorganised doesn’t make you a bad mom. (wash your mouth out with soap young lady).
    It simply makes you a lil disorganised and the great thing about it… is it is manageable.:D

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