It dawned on me the other day that I haven’t been very social.  I’ve sort of been, net, phone, work, with rare exception.  I am focusing on writing my book, but I feel so far removed from everybody, it’s unbelievable.  I’m trying to stop speaking my issues with autumn into existence and make it a positive, albeit tough, season for me.

With that being said, I feel disjointed – removed from everything.  It leads to me being discombobulated, and a bunch of other dis-es.  There are things that I’m not happy with.  There are things that aren’t progressing in the way that I would like (i.e. my weight loss).  But I just gotta keep moving forward. That’s my remedy.  I’m hoping to be back with a blog post this week, but the LadyBug is sick.  It doesn’t seem to be influenza de el puerco, but I’m keeping an eye on her.  That beign said, I hope to be re-connected soon.



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