Oh my damn

I had a post planned for today.  it was deep and insightful and gave you a peek into my soul.  I was goign to talk about how I can’t deal with dishonesty or something.  That was before the wine.  Before the Spanish Spanish wine (yes, “Spanish” was written twice intentionally).  Crianza folks.  Crianza is the truth.  Crianza is what made me forget that I wanted to preach.  It just makes me want to be.  So much wine tonight.  so much good music.  I had such a rough day today, so I was glad to enjoy my own company.  I look forward to reading this post tomorrow and finding an embarrassing typo.


P.S.  Does anyone have any sexual intercourse that they can pass me?  I’m fresh out.  Thanks.


5 responses to “Oh my damn

  1. bugger off! :p. I wen tot see Maxwell on Saturday and damnit if he wasn’t playing approximately 30mins away from ex-buddy’s house. That ex-buddy who just didn’t quit.
    I was this close to calling him, but then ‘common sense, that rabid dog prevailed.
    Maxwell made my thighs tingle, u hear me.. he made mny thighs tingle. I still don’t want to blog about it.

    • It’s so funny, because the other day I was commiserating over the fact that I didn’t have a “fantasy/connector guy.” I don’t have any “if our circumstances were different” guys. I don’t even have a “because I don’t want to ruin the friendship” guys. How about, I don’t even have a “bad decision” guy that would make an ill advised trip across town worth it.


  2. LOL! This ish cracked me the hell up…so many times have i been on the verge of drunk-posting, but you, my dear, actually hit the “publish” button. You’re my hero.

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