Let’s NOT talk about sex

Because…well, just because.  (But since I’m apparently a secret hornball, there at least needed to be a reference to it.)

What do you want?  When you wake up each morning and go about your business of carving out the latest installment of your life, what do you want to look back and see?  Are your actions proof of a genuine interest in the furtherance of your goals and dreams?

I often find myself saying I want x or y, yet when I look back at my actions of the day, I’ve only done b or c.  Where they do that at? Admittedly, I have done better with my finances – not great, but BETTER.  I still have more than half of the money that I allowed myself for this pay period. Score one for the cute, chubby dynamo.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my battle of the bulge.  I’m STILL not speaking to pie.  But the stray brownie or cookie still finds it’s way to my soup coolers.  Granted, it doesn’t happen as often, but it does happen more than it should, so I’m planning to get that in control.

In my opinion, it boils down to being armed with at least a sketched out plan to achieve your goal.  I am a woman lacking a plan.  Even a skeletal one. I am a woman lacking w workable realistic plan.  Even a skeletal one.  (Yeah.  That’s better.)

My writing has been less focused as of late as well.  Though I am happy that through it all, I have continued writing, there still is a certain polish that is necessary.  My goal is to buckle down and go back to school, so that I can hone my craft just a little more.

There are a lot of things that I want – and plan – to address via this blog.  Additionally, if my padnah ever gets off his bootay, we’ll get Naked Admonition up and running again.  I may have to NOT wait on The Dialectic, and just get it in myself.  Yes.  I am shaming him into action.  (J/K.  He’s a good guy with a lot on his shoulders.  Unfortunately for him, I’m a part time ball buster, so…yeah…)

Love ya Smoochies!


2 responses to “Let’s NOT talk about sex

  1. Glad that you’re doing BETTER with your finances; I am too. Got to get my isht together so I can take my girl on this expensive vacation she’s been wanting to go on this year. Tell ya about it when you call (hint).

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