A change of pace

To get back in my writing swing, let’s see if I can keep up early morning blogging.  One of my biggest things is that I have all these dreams, but I sometimes lack the follow through.  On an old episode of The Office, Michael had a butt load of money stacked in his shoe (funds which I believe he had dishonestly gained from an old aunt or his granny), and he pulled it all out to host an extravaganzza to celebrate the departure of his nemesis , Toby.  I like that conviction.  I’m the worst saver.  I’m all carpe diem.  There are certain existential facets of life where I really had a bead on the long game, but things that are practical, not so much.  Let’s see if these daily affirmations and such give me soem sort of accountability.

  • I’ve gotta get the final information on my student loans so that I can begin school in September.
  • I have to call the MVA.  Long story, but I’ve got a bunch to do with that foolishness
  • I’m entering the Boston Review Short Story Contest again this year, so I have to start on my writing and honestly, research a topic.
  • Gotta craft a game plan to stop being fat. And lazy. Part of the reason I haven’t lost a pound is because the gym isn’t in my house.  And I have the willpower shares all the characteristics of a jellyfish spine.
  • Gonna do my morning meditation AFTER my early morning parent conference.

I can do this guys.  I’m crossing mah fingers, toes and butt cheeks.  That’s a LOT of crossing.


2 responses to “A change of pace

  1. Cosign at the gym bullet. I have been making better decisions diet-wise, and have seen the results far faster than expected (drinking water and swearing off soda), but the biggest hurdle is getting my arse to the gym and hitting that treadmill.

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