OMG, my boobs.  They’re killing me.  No reason why.  It’s all gravy I guess.

That’s a rude way to start a post right?  I’m the worst.  I just want to stay in the habit of posting, rather than falling off for days and weeks at a time.  I need to retain a sense of obligation to my blog, so that I will not allow myself to not write.

There was a whole bunch of snow…that did NOT come to the DMV.  Hay-soo Kree-sto! We have had more than enough.  I think if I had someone to put in some quality snuggle time, it may have been different.  However, there is no such snuggle buddy, so cold weather is just a bit of a chore.  Usually I dont’ wish bad weather on other folks, but uh…yeah.

I’ve found myself turning into my mother.  When I see my kids step on or over something, I go ballistic.  “So, you’re just gonna act like it’s not there?  That’s cute.”

I’ve been saying this everywhere, but I’m gonna say it here:

Amber Rose: absolutely not.  You are not Grace Jones.  What do you do?  What have you done?  You’re smokin hot, I’ll give you that, but what else?  There are a lot of smoking hot chicks in the world.  Soooo…what else ya got for me?  Ok, you’re bisexual.  Oooh.  Is it the 40s, and nobody called me.  I know more than a few beautiful, bisexual women.  So…what else you got?  Nothing?  Remember in Boomerang, when Grace Jones rubbed her undies in old boy’s face?  Yeah, you’re not even fit to have that happen to you.  You’re not fit to hold Grace’s glittery dildo.  (I don’t even know if she has one…of course she has one…but in my mind, it’s got glitter encased in it.)  So do us all a favor, stay in your lane and go back to *snicker* fucking Kanye West.  Yeah…because…you know…you and Ye have sex.  Hot Star Jones, Al Reynolds sex.  *muttering* Fuggouttaheah.



7 responses to “Random

  1. You know something? I was watching an interview Grace Jones did way back when and she was saying how, all she knew was she wanted to be famous and travel.

    She couldn’t sing but she had an awesome look, so they made that work for her.

    It’s funny, how things repeat themselves. I really don’t begrudge amber at all. I work as a professional, in an office and I’ll be damned if I’m earning half of what this chick makes in a month and dang, she doesn’t even have to open her mouth to speak!!
    Maybe you and I should jump on the bandwagon, come on beauty… you know you wanna do the grace jones pose lol
    Ok.. I’m erm doing it on my own. Let me call Uncle gravity to reverse the effect on my boobs lol

    • Soul, I was really down for letting her do her thing…until I heard her open her mouth. She could have remained a mystery woman. She made the fatal flaw of talking. If they still had scullery maids in 2010, that’s where they would have “discovered” her.

      Plus I don’t knock her wanting to make a name for herself. But I thought it was pretty nervy to take on such a task. My sister said it best somewhere else:

      Material difference is as follows: Grace Jones pic was iconic, glossy, sculptured and looked almost like science fiction. Amber Rose looks like she’s stretching for the “20 minute work-out”

    • lol! then I am at an advantage.. I’ve never heard her speak and hopefully i never will. :D.
      Now forget amber whatsherface… when are you and I going to do a version of that pose?. lol

  2. uh yeah. you got me with “You’re not fit to hold Grace’s glittery dildo”

    (and Im 100% certain that she has one. it’s one of those things you just know aobut some folks *lol*

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