Midnight Ruminations

I hate the in between.  I’m not resting, I’m not productive.  My mind is wandering, but I’m too relaxed to make firm decisions.  There are times when I appreciate being pensive.  Saturday nights, the in-betweens are perfectly acceptable.  Even if I don’t go to bed on time, late sleeping is at least an option.  On a Monday, this is not embraced.

I was rather put off and distressed that so many people have no earthly clue who MC Guru is.  Hip hop is the ONLY genre where disrespecting legends is expected.  (Though I can say conversely that there are some legends who are lest than accepting of the up and comers.)  Do you think the Jonas Brothers don’t know who Jerry Garcia is?  Hip hop is so lost because we are losing touch with the founders.  It’s a two way street, but Guru has always been a solid dude.  I love a purist, so it made me quite sad that people were like, “Uh, yeah…I googled this dude and I still have no clue.”  Mos said that if you want to know where hip hop is going, look at where we’re going.  I believe this is evidenced here.

I have to eat less salt.  There should be more here, but I just decided a simple declarative sentence would make me more obligated.

Has anyone examined why we allow Craig Robinson to get away with that Cameo sugar bush.  No one EVER calls him out on it.  And quite frankly, I think if I were to see him with another hair cut, I wouldn’t accept it.  The only thing I think he should do is seriously contemplate some pork chop sideburns.

I can’t be the only person who gets misty when I hear “We Are The Champions” right?

I think “tough titty” is one of the best retorts EVER.

I’ve been very thankful to have avoided men with hairy backs.  I’m sure my thoughts about that will be rewarded with the man of my dreams looking like a sasquatch.

I’m reading Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, and I am LOVING it.  She writes like a song.  I know there are people who aren’t into her, but I find her to be beyond compare.  I could read her and Baldwin all day. I guess I’ll do some of that before I get to bed.


4 responses to “Midnight Ruminations

  1. I hate that my 27 yr old coworker who “knows music” didn’t know who Guru was either. SIGH. “Tough titty” was a retort to which I had none in return the first time I heard it. The hairy backs point….LMAO. Grat post, chica

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