“Plan your work…

“…and work your plan!”

I can’t tell you how often my mom said this to us.  Basically, the root of success is an organized and well thought out plan, accompanied by the tenacity to see that plan to fruition.  Truer words were never spoken.  What makes this  comical?  Bless her heart, my mother would not have known organization if it brought her lunch.  Dear Tree, I am your apple.

Point for point, I’ve followed in, and surpassed her footsteps:  notebooks with great schemes, ideas, ambitions; half-finished projects; meals no one would really enjoy, but they were new and different.  Yeah.  And now I’m 33, the age where she’d given birth to her final child, and I want to kick it up a notch in a different way.  But the thing that gets me, and what may well have been the thing that got to her, is the blues.  When the blues hit me, I got it bad and that ain’t good.  There are days I just feel set adrift, and it’s hard to get my bearings.  The other part is, once you’ve created your millionth half-ject, and embarked upon your trillionth unfinished plot, the feeling of being overwhelmed is stifling.  Partially because, it’s not just a feeling – we really are overwhelmed.  Quite honestly, I know I have the ability to see myself clear of anything in my path – that ability just happens to be blocked by a million other things.  You can’t see the forest for the trees, the book report, the sewing project, the business venture AND that casserole you left in the oven.

So I’m reaching out to you guys:  What do you do to beat back the blues?  How do you combat feeling overwhelmed or even a little afraid of the notion that maybe you’ve bitten off way more than you can chew this time?  Or, how do you prevent yourself from being in the position where you are overwhelmed and spread too thin?  Being the come-back kid is great, but it’s also emotionally taxing, and I’m not so haughty as to presume that someone isn’t doing it better than I.  Feel free to share, and perhaps we can get a dialogue going.  When you take into account the times we’re living in, I find it hard to believe that I’m the only person who feels this way.

Let’s build folks.


3 responses to ““Plan your work…

  1. i go through waves myself and sometimes i just float around till clarity comes. occasionally i can not beat myself up about it because i know it will pass.

    i place demands on myself though. every day i expect to have time to write, read a good bit of the paper, journal, read a book for pleasure, check out a magazine, and exercise. last week i realized that after work i really have only four hours before i’m hitting the hay. so this week i made up my mind to list, before i left work, two or three major things i wanted to accomplish with the evening, in as many hours.

    now this means that some things, like writing, get done mostly in the morning before work. other things that i might want to do every day, like read the paper, get done in bigger chunks every other (or third) day. and i’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay that i don’t get to everything in one day…

    my two cents.

  2. I like it, Shug. I’m burdened w/the same thing when I get off; gotta help the kid w/homework, drop off the spouse, pick up the nephew, feed the kid, walk the nephew, take the dog to work….it can all be confusing, confounding, and plum Tucker you put. I think I’ll try to compose a MUST DO list for after work, and do my damnedest to stick to it.

  3. To combat the blues, I have a favorite spot outside where I have a water fountain and beautiful flowers…I so sit there and remember that, I am not in this alone, there’s a higher being with me every step of the way. Sometimes, I’m there for hours.

    Also, I have learned the beauty of saying NO…even to myself. It keeps me from being spread too thin. NO, I will run you over to your friends house…I’m tired. No, I will not cook today, I’ve been busy all day, find your tail something to eat. No, I will not answer the phone, this is my time to unwind…leave a message.
    The beauty of it all is….when I began to say no to the demands people, places and things put on me…I began to say YES to myself. It’s a beautiful thing.

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