Kindness of strangers

…And friends.

I know good people. There’s really no denying that at all.  I can’t tell you how helpful people have been to me, even if it’s just checking on me regularly.  That means a lot, you know.  My kids are very helpful and sweet.  My friends are making sure I have the things that I need, and my family is doing everything they can to make sure I’m taken care of from afar.  I’m sort of drowsy, but I didn’t want time to keep passing without acknowledging that your positive thoughts and prayers haven’t been most helpful.

Tomorrow I go back for more x-rays and another appointment with the orthopedist to ensure that I don’t need surgery.  Today was rough, and I have been achier, but you know your girl is gonna be alright.  Feel free to send me topics at, and I’ll be sure to give you my two cents.

Love you guys.  And especially you.  Yeah…you. 🙂


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