The Sound of Music

Calling me emotional would be an understatement.  The majority of my blog titles should tell you how closely music is tied to those emotions.  Therefore, it’s no secret that I love “Glee.”  It’s cheesy, corny and adorable, and I can’t get enough of it.  So I really looked forward to tonight’s season finale.  At the end, after they didn’t win regionals, they pay tribute to their teacher, Mr. Schuster by singing “To Sir, With Love.”  Aside from the fact that this is a great song, it was one of my mother’s favorites.

So I’m singing, and halfway through, I hear my mother’s voice in my head singing this song.  I build up all these mental protectors for certain songs that I know will trigger the waterworks, and I either don’t listen to them at certain times, or I tell myself, “Cry it out bitch.”  This song, however, was not on the list.  So I suddenly had this flood of emotions, and I missed my mom, and I wished I could hear her voice and I was bawling to the point that I kind of shook my kids up.

There’s no moral to that other than the fact that I miss my mom.  A lot.  And as lucky as I was to have her for the time that I did, I certainly would not have said boo at the notion of more time.

Love the people in your life. Hard.


3 responses to “The Sound of Music

  1. There’s always a trigger…turning down a familiar street, the smell of amber, or that forgotten song…And there are no coincidences…you most likely needed that reflection.

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