The vacation is over.  I return to work on June 28, and I couldn’t be more ambivalent.  Getting out of my  house will be a good thing, as will job security.

Additionally, I’m getting back into the swing of my weight loss grind.  I have TOTALLY been slipping lately, admittedly.  There’s no excuse for it other than the fact that I was bored and didn’t keep myself occupied enough.  That being said, I still managed to lose one pound throughout my broken ankle struggle.  I have read that Wii Fit is good for strengthening your muscles and joints following an injury, so I’ll see how that works in the near future.

It dawned on me that I was supposed to get my x-rays done this morning.  Ugh.  I hate being as forgetful as I am.  Of course, I didn’t wake up until damn 2 pm, so maybe that’s why I was a little thrown off about my obligations.  I’m trying my damndest to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight (read: before 2 am), so hopefully I’ll be ready to roll this Monday.  Gotta get myself back into fighting form.


One response to “Countdown

  1. Good luck w/the weight-loss and the going back to work thing, sweets. I understand tge ambivalence about it. On the one hand, you been just sitting, trying to recover, with probably far too much time to think, while on the other, how does anyone get excited about going back to work? Again, good luck 🙂

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