So I’m back at work, and as expected, I am suffering from the exhaustion that comes with spending the better part of the last two months taking the easy road.  Not that it wasn’t well deserved.  I mean, I did lose the ability to walk for a brief period of time, but all in all, I made out okay.

I made it to work two full days, and today, my body kind of went cuckoo.  I had to pretty much stop everything and go to the doctor’s office.  They ran a couple of tests, and I should have the results no later than Friday.  Hopefully, I’ll be back in fighting form tomorrow.  I discovered that my beloved pure cranberry juice is an absolute no-go, so I was a little bummed about that, but I needed to get my water game up anyway.

Walking around with these damn crutches is putting its foot in my hind parts.  My arms are sore constantly, and lately, so are my feet.  I’m not getting to the gym, of course, but I am really getting a minor workout in due to how much work navigating the big city with crutches requires.  I have really been slipping with my eating for the past two weeks (it started with a delicious birthday dinner with one of my oldest friends).  It’s funny how we convince ourselves that we’ve “earned” the right to eat all the wrong things.  Delusional rationalizations.  Tsk tsk.

I miss the lil’ chirren so much, but I am in the process of deciding if they should spend some extended time with my sister and brother in law.  I also happen to struggle with the ramifications that may arise as it relates to their father.  It would help me to a certain extent, but it would also give them time with a stable male influence in the home.  I’m not getting married anytime soon (nor am I chomping at the bit to do so…most of the time), but I think they are both at a crucial age where they need to know that there are good men in their family who love them, and this past year has made me realize they need a little reassurance.

I’m looking to diversify my topics on Wreckless Endangerment, so please email me at wrecklessendangerment@gmail.com if there’s a topic that you would like me to address.  I want to be a better blogger for you!



One response to “Whirlwind

  1. Decisions, decisions. You do a GREAT job w/your not-so-little brainiacs, but I feel your desire to let them be around sone real positive male influence right now. My sister-in-law is a great single mom, bit she’s catching Hell trying to convince her 16 year old that Lil Boosie is NOT anyone worth looking up to. I do what I can when I’m around him, but the audible bowel movement that is Boosie’s “music”, unfortunately, has had a large part in raising this child…and it’s breaking all of our hearts. We give him the truth, and pray that he will be able to discern reality from bullshit. Godspeed, doll.

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