The Root of Cliff and Claire’s Problems and other stuff

First and foremost, I may have mentioned the 12 pounds that I lost recently.  Apparently I Fed Exed it to New Orleans.  I got to my Pops’ house, and it was sitting on the sofa waiting for me.  “Hey girl.  Where you was at?”  It’s all good.  I’ll refocus and get it back in order.  Right after I have my 1/2 seafood platter at Deanie’s.  Don’t judge me.  Or do.  You don’t know me.  Shoot.

Remember that triathlon thing I want to do?  I still haven’t learned how to swim.  And let’s discuss how my ankle is still totally FUCKED.  We’re going on three months and it still gets swollen.  I’m a little bummed out by that.  I would have thought that I would be getting around great by now.  These old bones are not handling business like they used to.  I need to get my Calcium and Vitamin D on.

The water here is softer.  I remember being a young girl going on vacation to Biloxi, Mississippi.  The Gulf water was so soft, my skin would be gorgeous after our trip.  Maryland water is even harsher than New Orleans water.  Fortunately, all of my little dry patches are gone.  Love it.  I was considering visiting the divine Belladonna’s while I was here, but I think that money would be better spent elsewhere.

Now, coming home, I discovered why the Huxtables had such a hard time getting rid of their children.  Once the kids are grown and out of your pockets, you’ve got all this disposable income.  I’ve been watching television on my choices of HD screens.  I can watch HD DVDs OR BluRays, because when kids aren’t sucking your wallet dry, you don’t have to wait to see who will win the tech war.  I’ve had candies and cakes, cheeses I ain’t never heard of before and the finest of Cambodian breast milk.  The most comfortable mattress in the world now exists in my former bedroom.  HOWEVER, my parents also instilled in me the “work hard and get yours” gene, so though I love to visit (for a while), coming back home never crosses my mind.  They give me motivation.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to dedicate a post the the shit hitting the fan in this city.  My 2 am hodge podgery would not do these topics justice.


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