Back to the lab

As I mentioned before, the 12 pounds that I lost prior to spending time in New Orleans were sitting on the sofa waiting for me.  You can’t expect to maintain weight loss AND be the turkey neck and daiquiri queen.  Bad combination.  But I’m back where I need to be mentally, and the svelte me shall reemerge.

I got way too excited when I discovered that my kids didn’t eat their pudding before they left for summer vacation, so it’s a pudding extravaganza up in this joint.  Additionally, Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice scream is the shizzle.  I have more that I should probably write, but I’m way too mentally wiped.

I hate constantly baiting you guys for “coming soons,” but my first week back has been hard to collect my thoughts.  I also have so many non writing things to do, it’s not funny.  So…soon.  I need to address some things going on in the world, amongst my people, and in my hometown.  I also am working on not jumping on the easy topic, so we’ll see how that works out.  Love you guys.



One response to “Back to the lab

  1. I feel you, Chica. It’s hard to resist the daquiris and turkey necks when u’re home b/c they just don’t taste as good anywhere else in the world. When I lived in the A, one daquiri shop in the Underground made me say, “naw…I’ll just wait til I’m back in Louisiana.” They were HORRIBLE.

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