One of the biggest challenges in all of humanity is the act of being humble.  I believe that we were created in a spectacular manner, making us capable of great things.  With these capabilities, however, I believe comes the obligation to recognize that we aren’t always “at the wheel.”  This very evening, I found myself in the midst of a situation that is totally beyond my pay grade, as it were.  Instead of relaxing and realizing this was one of those situations where I was not necessarily in control and falling back a bit, I lost control.

The problem with me losing my cool, is that I’m a yeller.  All I know how to do is get loud and cuss you out.  And that’s what the individual on the business end of my rage got, which wasn’t exactly cool.  Now, that being said, this situation came about with him not exactly being in touch with his own  humility, but I can not control others; only myself.  Therefore, I just have to pray to do better going forward.  Few things are uglier than baby mama/daddy drama, so I won’t go into detail.  I will say that I have faith things will work out for the best.

That being said, this week, we will be getting back to our regularly scheduled blog dancerie.  I still have some issues that I would like to address regarding the infrastructure of New Orleans, and I’ve just got a whole lot of stuff to say about life in general.  The nomination process for the Black Weblog awards is closed, and I will know within the next week or so whether or not I’m a finalist.  Be it yay or nay, I want to thank all of you for your support, and I hope that you continue to read and maybe bring a friend.

Smooches and holleration!


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