Since I broke my ankle this Spring, I spent the first half of my summer basically chained to the crib. I’m off crutches, but still taking it slow.  I’ve devoted the past few weeks to diverting from the beaten path and getting out more.  Not the typical clubbing, but walking the mall, going to the movies, going to sociable places and doing sociable things.  Being at one with the universe, rather than behaving like a miserly tenant.  Yesterday, not only did I hit up the happening spot that is Busboys and Poets (which I loved), but I also dared to bare a little shoulder in the daylight hours.

The owners of the New Orleans standard Port of Call have opened a restaurant in the DC area named Desperados Burger.  I hear I should be prepared to get messy, but I grew up in the  land of the dressed roast beef po’boy, so I ain’t scared o’ no beef.  Today, it’s funky and rainy, but I refuse to let that keep me inside.  I’ve just really been feeling myself this past week, so I think other people should experience the good vibes that I’m emanating.  I don’t mean that in a conceited way (maybe slightly); but I mean that in the way of, I’m feeling good, and I want to be outdoors and positive and send good vibes to other people as well.


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