…And all is right with the world

I was determined that come hell or high water, the kiddies would have an uneventful back to school experience this year, so this year they came home slightly earlier.  Since I made an impromptu trip home in June for Foxy’s funeral, I stayed here and let them fly back.  I didn’t expect them to be the same size as when they left, but holy damn.  Finge needs a job and Ladybug needs to be chaperoned until she’s 23.  We’ve been having a great time, but they have worn my righteous behind out.

My kid actually has a half day of school today for orientation, so that he can learn where everything is. He even catches the bus home.  Is this not getting the shaft in the worst order?  You have a day of school BEFORE you go to school?  Some old bullshit.

At one point, I mulled over the kids spending the school year with my sister, and I’m so glad I didn’t go with that.  I missed those guys.  We had the totally corny moment when they were coming up the walk way, and I peeked my head over to look for them.  I heard “MOMMYYYYYYYYY!” and that was awesome to me.  I live in the suburbs, and most of the parents in my kids’ school are married, often with stay at home moms.  Tons of events are held during the day, and of course, I can’t always attend.  We had a tumultuous year last year, and I thought the stability, and more traditional style of my sister’s household may have been a good idea, but my kids weren’t having that.  When I saw them running down the walk way, I knew I’d made the right choice.

I’m not traditional.  They will probably never come home and smell cookies, I hate play dates, and I would slit my throat before I threw a sleepover.  But they still like me, and I think I’m okay with that.


2 responses to “…And all is right with the world

  1. At the end of the day, kids just wanna be loved. They wanna know you love them. Your kids are loved and they know it.

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