Mama’s Work is Never Done

Or Why I Need Bill Dukes On Speed Dial

I hope you guys have missed me.  I battling the crud for a few days, and I certainly missed you guys.  Of course, it’s back to school time, so the beat goes on.  Anyone who knows anything will admit that parenting isn’t easy.  Finge and B.B. amaze me, make me laugh, and are two of the coolest people that I know of any age range.  But being the parents of two old souls can also be exhausting, frustrating and thankless.  Finge is now in middle school.  The magnitude of this body-slammed me last night when I realized that this

and this

overnight, became this

So the days of him singing Elmo’s World and the One Fine Face song from Sesame Street are gone.  He’s in middle school.  The world of seven different instructors and school dances.  In elementary school, I was a skater.  I didn’t study.  I didn’t have to.  What made me a bright and capable elementary school student, made me a terrible middle schooler.  The need to study was total culture shock.  Homework? Psh.  I hated it, and the fact that it was taking more than 20 minutes, made me not want to do it.  My son is now experiencing that.

For two weeks, I would get home from school and ask if there was homework?  The answer was always either no, or that it was already done.  Okay.  This is your school career, and you know homework is required.  You’ve done it before, let’s see if you’re growing up.

Enter school sanctioned snitching, known as Edline.  I get an weekly report of his progress. EVERYTHING – down to post-lunch flatulence (isn’t that one of the most hilarious words in the English language). So imagine my surprise when I received a report that said he had assignments that were either incomplete, or not turned in at all. So, I called him into the room and

We got it together.  Or at least, we’re getting it together.  This is the age where a boy can really lose interest in school, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you Edline, for being a punk ass snitch – my boy’s future thanks you as well.


5 responses to “Mama’s Work is Never Done

  1. Bill Duke is an ugly, intimidating man, and I would tell him anything he’d want to know for fear that he might put his face really close to mine. BRRRRR at the thought! I’m glad you found something to dime your boy out. Maybe the knowledge that you can keep tabs on him will keep him on the straight and narrow.

  2. Edline and I were best friends when Purpleknight was in school. Finge is so handsome, get ready for the girls to come a-knocking!

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